Trump Hangs Out At His Golf Club As Americans Lay Dying From El Paso Mass Shooting

Trump showed how little he cares about the American people as adults and children are reportedly dead from a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, and Trump is hanging out at his golf club.

The White House tried to make it look like Trump is doing something by issuing a brief statement, which was the usual dodge about the president being “briefed.”

WH Dep Press Sec Steven Groves said, “The President has been briefed on the shooting in El Paso, and we continue to monitor the situation. The President has spoken with Attorney General Barr and Governor Abbott.”

NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reported that Trump is still hanging out at his house at his private for-profit golf club:

Trump, who will tweet about what he is watching on TV, suddenly has nothing to say as Americans are dead from another mass shooting. Trump lacks any ability to empathize, and he has completely ignored his duty to comfort the nation in times of crisis. On a basic human level, Trump is adequate. The nation needs the leadership of its president in times of tragedy. Instead, Donald Trump is hanging out at his golf course in New Jersey while his staff covers for him with vague claims of briefings.

As long as the NRA’s checks keep coming, Trump will stay silent about gun violence and stick to the golf course.

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