Trump’s Economy Is Creating 30,000 Fewer Jobs Per Month Than Obama’s


Donald Trump likes to claim he is “the greatest jobs president that God ever created,” but he isn’t even the greatest jobs president of the last five years.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy churned out 164,000 jobs in June with the unemployment rate clocking in at a still-low 3.7 percent.

While this is good news for the economy, it is an extension of a streak of job growth – 106 straight months – that began under the Obama-Biden administration. Trump likes to say his economy is seeing historic economic growth, but the rate at which jobs are being created is actually down since he took office.


Under the first 30 months of the Trump presidency, the economy has created roughly 30,000 fewer jobs per month than the final 30 months of Barack Obama’s presidency.

As CAP Action pointed out on Friday, job growth has continued under Trump, but it is down 15 percent compared to Obama.

Trump can’t run on the economy

There are two main reasons that Donald Trump can’t run on the economy, and they’re both pretty simple.

First, any economic successes he touts – a strong stock market and low unemployment, in particular – began long before he took office. Like everything else in his life, he is just slapping his name on it and hoping people think it’s his creation.

Second, the actions he has taken so far that directly impact the economy – trade wars hurting farmers and consumers, and a tax cut that benefits only the biggest corporations and wealthiest individuals – are unpopular and poor economic policy. If given another four years, these policies are likely to do severe damage that will undo the strong economy Trump inherited.

Ultimately, the American people seem to recognize these realities. It’s why, yes, they view the economy as strong, but that economic optimism has not translated to strong support for Trump heading into 2020.

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