Texas Lt. Gov. Says More School Prayer Will Stop Mass Shootings

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called for more school prayer and flag saluting to stop the epidemic of mass gun violence.


Patrick said on Fox and Friends, “We’ve always had guns. We’ve always had evil, but what’s changed when I see this rash of shootings? And I see a video game industry that teaches young people to kill…I look at social media. The violence of just bullying young people on social media every day we turn our head and we allow it. I look at Sunday morning when half of your viewers are getting ready to go to church, and yet tomorrow, we won’t even let our kids pray in our schools…It’s many factors that go into these shootings. Many factors, and it’s not a time to politicize. It’s a time to look deep inside of who we are as a country, where we no longer salute our flag.”

The Republican Party is dying because old white men like Dan Patrick point the finger at social media bullying while ignoring the fact that the biggest social media bully in the country is Donald Trump. Patrick floated the absurd idea that more prayer in school, not less access to assault weapons, is the answer to decreasing mass shootings. There is a problem with adequate access to mental health care in this country, but the bigger issues are the Republican refusal to do anything to make it more difficult for potential mass killers to easily buy guns.

The Republican Party is intentionally making America less safe by blaming video games and lack of prayer in school instead of fixing the nation’s gun laws.

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