Beto O’Rourke Tells Trump To Stay Away, El Paso Doesn’t Want You

Beto O’Rourke said that people in El Paso understand that Trump is part of the problem, and don’t want him in their city.


O’Rourke said, “People in El Paso, by and large, don’t want him here, and understand that he is part of the problem, part of how we got to this point. We know now that he is coming, and I expect El Paso to do nothing short of ensuring that his visit is a safe one, that we are respectful towards him, but we never forget his role in what happened on Saturday and holding him accountable, and those who have allowed him to do this and are complicit still today in their silence by not calling him out.”

El Paso has shown Trump before that he is not welcome in their city

When Trump held a rally in El Paso, elected officials passed a resolution calling out his lies about their city. Most o the attendees at Trump’s El Paso rally came from outside of the city, and El Paso ended up suing Donald Trump for damaging their reputation and their economy.

Just like Pittsburgh before them, El Paso doesn’t want Trump. Donald Trump never makes things better. The president only makes situations worse.

The trips to the cities aren’t about the mass shooting, the victims, or healing communities. They are Trump photo-ops. He goes to places where he is not wanted so that he can look like he cares and is doing his job as president.

Trump should stop pretending to care and go back to watching Fox News and bilking the taxpayers at his private clubs. Donald Trump has done enough damage and the best thing that he could do for El Paso would be to stay away.

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