Joe Biden Calls On America To Fire White Nationalist Trump


In a Noticias Telemundo exclusive interview, Joe Biden argued that Trump should be fired by the voters for legitimizing white supremacy.

Joe Biden Calls On America To Fire Trump

Transcript via Noticias Telemundo as provided to PolitcusUSA:

Vanessa Hauc: As you know, our community was hit tragically in El Paso this weekend. We know the gunman was targeting immigrants, and specifically Latinos. And he used a lot of the rhetoric that the president uses. What is the responsibility of the president in these tragic events?


Joe Biden: To talk about how bad this was. The extent of the hatred that has been fomented these days. Look, the way the president talks, if he were a principal in your high school and they talked that way, the parents would be coming in saying, “Fire him.” It’s outrageous the way in which he characterizes people. He talks about animals and crossing the border. He talks about how these are people that are from rat-infested place. I mean, it’s just terrible. And it’s the thing that brings all the hatred out in the open. They think it’s legitimate now to come out and do the things they do and talk about– it’s about white nationalism and white supremacy against minorities.

Racism is backfiring on Trump

One of Biden’s strongest assets as a candidate has so far been a un Biden like the ability to speak plainly a directly. Those who have watched Joe Biden as a senator and previous Democratic presidential contender remember a candidate who would go off on long-winded tangents and get lost.

Biden has a very direct and relatable way of talking about Trump and his behavior. The former vice president has expanded his argument from Trump’s behavior is wrong to Trump’s behavior is wrong and it is a firable offense. The former vice president is framing the election as a referendum on Donald Trump. Biden is encouraging voters to do a performance review on the president, and if he is not up to snuff, it is time to fire him and hire someone new.

The simplicity of the argument is why Donald Trump is terrified of facing Biden in the general election. Joe Biden has Trump’s number, and he knows how to communicate the message for why Donald Trump has got to go.