Nebraska Senator Refuses To Leave The GOP After Calling Trump A White Supremacist

The Nebraska Republican Party responded to Senator McCollister calling out Trump’s white supremacy by telling him to leave the party, but he is refusing to go.

Here is the statement from the Nebraska GOP:

Senator McCollister responded:

McCollister called out the white supremacist rhetoric of Donald Trump, and his own party tried to disown him and kick him out.

The Republican Party at all levels belongs to Donald Trump. It doesn’t mean that all Republicans are racists, but it does mean that in order to be a Republican in Trump’s party one has to go along with or stay silent about Trump’s racism.

Trump has turned the Republican Party into a dumpster fire. They lost the House. It looks like they won’t get the House back in 2020. Republicans are in danger of becoming the white man only party, and it is debatable whether or not there will even be a party left after Donald Trump is gone.

Good leaders build their party for the future. Trump has pillaged the GOP and will leave behind a shrinking and dying operation that may never overcome the stench of racism that Trump has spread all over it.

Nebraska Senator refuses to leave GOP after calling Trump white supremacist
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