Trump Calls Visiting El Paso and Dayton After Mass Shootings A Terrific Opportunity

Trump made his photo-op intentions clear when he called visiting El Paso and Dayton after mass shootings a terrific opportunity.


Trump said, “We’re going to Dayton first and then we’re going to El Paso, and we’ll be meeting with first responders, law enforcement, some of the victims and paying my respects and regards. I’ll be going with the first lady. It’s a terrific opportunity, really, to congratulate some of the police and law enforcement. The job they’ve done is incredible. Really incredible.”

Trump isn’t going to El Paso and Dayton to console the victims of mass shootings or announce new policies to combat gun violence. He is going there to get his picture taken with local law enforcement and congratulate them for having to risk their lives because he and his party refuse to do anything about gun laws and gun violence.

For Trump, this trip to the two cities where the lastest American mass shootings occurred is about political opportunity. Trump doesn’t care about the victims. He doesn’t care if the residents of these cities don’t want him there. Trump is only interested in Trump, which is one of the main attributes that make him a terrible president. The day should be about honoring the victims and calling for fixing the nation’s gun laws, not a presidential photo-op with law enforcement.

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