Trump Fires Honest Deputy DNI As He Is Trying To Rig 2020


Sue Gordon, who was endorsed by members of the intel community and Congress to be the next DNI, is now leaving her position after a meeting with Trump.

Trump fires Deputy DNI Because She Tells The Truth

Jennifer Jacobs tweeted:


Gordon had been endorsed by everyone from Rod Rosenstein to members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees as a competent public servant who was experienced and qualified to be the next Director of National Intelligence. After Trump’s efforts to nominate unqualified stooge Rep. John Ratcliffe to the position, failed some thought that he would back down and actually put someone competent in charge of overseeing national intelligence, but Donald Trump doesn’t do competence.

Trump is trying to weaken the intelligence community ahead of the 2020 election

It is almost like Donald Trump is trying to take out the cops before he can commit his next set of crimes. It is not a coincidence that Trump wants a loyalist overseeing national intelligence ahead of a reelection campaign where he has already publicly stated that he would take help from foreign governments.

Trump wants to make sure that there will be no investigations of his 2020 reelection activities.

Donald Trump isn’t brilliant or subtle. It is obvious what he is doing, and it is no accident that he is trying to break the intelligence community right before he runs for reelection.