Lindsey Graham Embodies Every Impotent White Man In Delusional AR-15 Rant

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went on a rant about how he is going to protect himself with an AR-15 after a hurricane or a flood.

It was reported that Graham:

Graham is from South Carolina so if there was a disaster, it would likely be a hurricane or a flood. Natural disasters don’t represent the breakdown of all society. One would like to think that a sitting US Senator would be smart enough not to out on the porch during a hurricane or a flood.

There was just so much NRA BS in Graham’s statement. If there is no power, you don’t need an assault weapon. A generator would work better in that situation. An AR-15 will not keep your house powered, allow you to signal or call for help, assist you in an escape from a devastated area. An AR-15 is pretty useless as a survival tool in a disaster situation.

Lindsey Graham, just like all, check cashing tools of the NRA sounds ridiculous, but this is the exact kind of fear that Republicans are paid by the gun lobby to sell.

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