Republicans Terrfied As Red State Suburban Voters Are Ready To Wipe Out Trump

Terror is growing the Republican Party as red-state suburban voters are tired of Trump and gun violence and ready to wipe out the GOP.

The Washington Post reported:
Republicans face a reckoning in the red-state suburbs that have long been a bedrock for the party, propelled by the stormy confluence of President Trump’s searing racial attacks, economic turbulence and frustration with government inaction after last weekend’s deadly mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

The GOP lost its House majority in 2018 after it fared poorly with suburban voters, particularly women. Party leaders are increasingly alarmed that they have made little progress winning them back. Instead, Trump’s incessant feuds, his hard-line position on immigration — including federal raids that left children without their parents — and the stock market’s tumult amid his trade standoff with China threaten to further alienate suburban voters ahead of the 2020 campaign, even in states that have traditionally elected Republicans.

Instead of making progress with these voters, Republicans have lost even more ground. There has been a wave of red-state suburban House Republicans retiring in Texas because they can read the writing on the wall. The suburban voters that put Trump over the edge in swing states and powered Bush’s reelection in 2004 are fleeing the Republican Party in droves. Trump’s constant racism, tweets, and general ugliness have pushed these voters away.

Trump’s personality combined with Republican efforts to gut healthcare, a backfiring trade war, and unpopular immigration policy and a perfect storm is brewing. The recent mass shootings look like the last straw for many suburban red-state voters.

If Republicans lose the red state suburbs, they could be toast in 2020.

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