Beto O’Rourke Blasts Trump For Using Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy To Distract From Mass Shooting He Inspired

Beto O’Rourke responded to Trump pushing a Jeffrey Epstein suicide conspiracy theory by calling it Trump’s effort to distract from the mass shooting that he inspired.

Beto O’Rourke Calls Out Trump For Using Epstein Conspiracy Theory Distraction


O’Rourke said, “This is another example of our President using this position of public trust to attack his political enemies with unfounded conspiracy theories, and also to try to force you, me and all of us to focus on his bizarre behavior instead of the fact that we just lost 22 people in this community, 9 people in Dayton, Ohio. We’re seeing an epidemic of gun violence every single day in this country, and the attack in El Paso, that terrorist attack in El Paso, was motivated in part by the president constantly warning of invasions, infestations, and predators, and Mexican immigrants who he described as rapists and criminals though we know that they commit crimes at a far lower rate than those who are born in this country. He’s changing the conversation, and if we allow him to do that, then we never be able to focus on the true problems, of which he is a part, and make sure that we get to the solutions.”

Former Rep. O’Rourke was right. There is a conversation that Trump is trying to prevent the country from having about mass shootings, and specifically, his role in inspiring and legitimizing mass violence as an option. Trump doesn’t want the nation to talk about gun violence, so he hopped aboard the rightwing conspiracy that the Clintons killed Jeffrey Epstein.

It has been nearly four years, and Donald Trump is still trying to politically survive by hiding behind the Clintons.

Ignore the tweets and focus on Trump’s failures as a president and as a human being.

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