Fear Grips The GOP As Iowa Conservative Voters Say They Can’t Vote For Trump

A family of conservative Iowa voters was interviewed at the state fair, and two of the three explained why they can’t vote for Trump in 2020.


NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard interviewed the Miller family, and their answers summed up why Republicans are in trouble heading into 2020.

The mom said, “I’m a lifelong conservative. I actually campaigned door to door for Chuck Grassley his first year as a senate campaign, senate candidate. But I cannot vote for Donald Trump. he is not a conservative. I don’t think he’s a good man and when you watch a cabinet member after cabinet member fall away from him, I just can’t vote for him. So I’m looking at the Democrats and I need a Democrat that is reasonable on the border. That is about people, about the rule of law. I’m an educator and we’ve got to do something about education so that’s the person that I’m looking for. It’s really hard because there are all these stump speeches and I don’t know what they believe.”

The dad was a Trump voter who voted against Hillary Clinton, as he put it, in 2016, and said, “Right now, it’s hard to say. At this point in the campaign, everybody’s running to the extremes on either side, so events will probably shape for whom I vote.”

Their daughter will be voting in her first presidential election in 2020, “I can’t vote for Donald Trump and if there was a better conservative, I would probably vote for them. But he says so many things that are just absolutely disgusting and tweeting foreign policy is not presidential enough. I really want a Democratic candidate that I can get behind and support and like my mom said, isn’t completely crazy on immigration and really will make things like schools safer that I can have a place here in my future and just make the country better.”

When asked which candidate caught her eye, she answered, “Kamala Harris like my mom, but if any of them change their policies so far, I know a lot of my friends lib Warren and Sanders, but they’re a little too far left for me.”

Progressives and some on the far left don’t want to hear it, but these voters who are open to voting for Democrats in 2020 want a moderate Democratic nominee. Trump has big problems in Iowa, and the door appears to be wide open for Democrats to flip the state that Obama carried twice back to their column in 2020.

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