Trump Hides From Reporters And Ignores Question On Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Retweet

Trump and his advisers are hiding from reporters and refusing to answer their questions about his retweet of a Jeffrey Epstein death conspiracy theory.


NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell reported, “We know there’s a difference in terms of how president trump has treated President Obama and President Clinton as rivals and this is one more example of how he has shattered the norms of the presidency by retweeting something with no basis in fact and is just part of what kicks around in the web and internet spheres and it has the power to just sort of add oxygen in some of the dark corners. It is certainly drawing some criticism from democratic candidates who are seeking the nomination who even called it dangerous. And the president’s advisers have been we’ve asked a number of times today for some sort of an explanation for the president’s reason why he did this. What was he trying to say? Is there any explanation, clarification? Anything they could say about this. And they have not responded to us.”

Trump retweets a bogus conspiracy theory and then hides from all questions about his disgusting and unpresidential conduct. It is stunning how many members of the press have responded to the president pushing far-right bogus conspiracy theories with a collective shrug. Donald Trump less than two days after Trump claimed that Joe Biden was mentally unfit to be president, he showed the country what a mentally unfit president looks like.

Trump retweeted the conspiracy theory. The least he can do is be a man and own it.

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