Trump Is Infuriated And Broken Over Being Called A Racist

Trump is reportedly infuriated and vexed because he doesn’t know how to respond to being called racist after he makes racist statements.

Trump can’t handle being called racist

The Washington Post reported:

As the campaign takes shape about 15 months before voters render a verdict on his presidency, Trump’s Democratic challengers are marking him a racist, and a few have gone so far as to designate the president a white supremacist.

Throughout his career as a real estate magnate, a celebrity provocateur and a politician, Trump has recoiled from being called the r-word, even though some of his actions and words have been plainly racist.


Being called a racist has infuriated Trump, gnawing at him in recent days as he lashes out — in tweets and in public comments — over the moniker, behavior his advisers and allies excuse as the natural reaction of anyone who does not consider himself a racist but is accused of being one.

Trump doesn’t consider himself a racist. He’s just a guy who does and says racist things, which according to anyone with eyes and ears makes him a racist.

The idea that Trump is some sort of branding genius is another self-created Trumpian myth that needs to put out to pasture.

Trump has failed at every aspect of the presidency. He wasn’t able to convince the American people that they really didn’t need affordable healthcare. His tax cuts are so toxic politically that Republicans won’t run on them, and he has tried to brand himself as a leader, only to be left behind and fall on his face through a stream of legislative and judicial failures.

Donald Trump can’t handle being called racist, so for the next 15 months, Democrats need to hammer home on a daily basis the racism of Donald J. Trump.

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