Anthony Scaramucci Warns That Trump Will Turn On Every American

Former Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci has dumped Trump over his racism and is warning every American that Trump will turn on his country.

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In response to a weekend Twitter attack from Trump, Scaramucci tweeted:

Trump demands loyalty but has none

The Mooch is speaking from experience. Trump has no personal loyalty, no sense of loyalty to the country, and no principles driving his actions. Trump already sold out his country to get to the presidency, and he is giving every indication that he will double or triple down and jeopardize the United States to win a second term. The interesting element to Scaramucci’s tweet is that it is echoed by so many other people who left Trump world.

Michael Cohen is sitting in prison due to his loyalty to Trump. There are countless advisers who put their credibility on the line for this administration only be trashed by this president, with former Attorney General Jeff Sessions being the most obvious example. If Trump treats the people closest to him with no loyalty, what makes his supporters believe that he isn’t doing to the same to them?

Trump is selling out his supporters and the nation.

Republicans have the 2020 election all wrong. The outcome will not be decided on policy issues, or a referendum on Trump’s opponent. The election is going to be all about Donald Trump, and the danger of giving a man with no values and morals a second term in office.

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