Democrats Admit That Don McGahn Testimony Is Part Of Trump Impeachment

House Judiciary Democrats argued in court that the need former White House counsel Don McGahn’s testimony as part of their impeachment investigation.

Here is the court doc:

The fight over McGahn is really a fight over impeachment

Trump is obstructing testimony from key witnesses because those witnesses are what will determine whether or not the House moves forward with impeachment. The White House and House aren’t fighting 100 legal fights. There is one central question that ties all of these lawsuits and court battles together. Trump is trying to stop the Democratic impeachment investigation from happening by bogging down every request for documents or evidence with a court case.

The central question is are House Democrats entitled to evidence if they are using it to explore impeachment against Trump?

Don McGahn is a vital witness, and Democrats are making the case that his testimony is linked to their decision on whether or not to move forward with impeaching Donald Trump.

At the end of the day, everything that is going on is about impeaching this president.

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