Even Members Of Congress Are Calling Trump’s New Attack On Legal Immigrants Racist

Members of Congress responded to Trump limiting assistance to legal immigrants by slamming the rule change as racist and xenophobic.

Members of Congress call out Trump’s racist public charge rule change to hurt legal immigrants

Representative Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “By attempting to keep immigrants from accessing programs vital to supporting their families, Donald Trump’s public charge rule fails to uphold the values of our nation and will force individuals to choose between putting food on the table for their children and being granted legal status. This rule is unacceptable, heartless and continues the Trump administration’s sweeping government-wide assault on immigrant families. Donald Trump is weaponizing basic needs to send immigrant families one message, loud and clear: if you’re not white and you’re not wealthy, you’re not welcome here. We have witnessed his attacks since day one of his administration and we must take a stand and fight back against these racist, abusive, anti-immigration and anti-American policies.”

The rule change is racist. It is intended to make it more difficult for legal immigrants to stay in the United States, and also to prevent legal immigrants from coming to the country.

Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

From separating families to using ICE raids to intentionally intimidate and frighten immigrants here or looking to come here, the Trump Administration’s approach to immigration has been cruelty. The effect is never to actually improve our immigration system, only to increase xenophobia and bigotry. That is the case with this new ‘public charge’ rule. This rule will not fix a single problem that Donald Trump has claimed to be concerned with. What it will do, though, is frighten immigrants already here and contributing from accessing the benefits they are legally entitled to – benefits that are proven successful at helping millions stay out of poverty and put their children on a path to a better future. That is a path that Trump is now cutting off for immigrants. Immigrants fearing that accessing the benefits they have earned and paid for will cost them a green card or prevent their loved ones from being able to join them, will mean more parents refusing the SNAP benefits they need to help feed their children, or refusing to access medical care. The result is more hunger and more sickness, all so Trump can add a new bigoted line to his campaign speeches.

Immigrants make America strong. They work, pay taxes, shop in our communities, and contribute to our economic growth. We are better off because of the entrepreneurism, hard work, and diversity that immigrants bring to our economy. Look no further than California, which is majority-minority and thriving. This rule is bad for the economy and bad for our communities. It is motivated completely by racial animus and has no place in our politics. I am urging leaders in the House and Senate to quickly vote on my bill, HR. 3222, to block any federal money from being used to implement this hateful and harmful rule.

The Trump rule change is not getting enough attention in the mainstream press. This policy change will harm people who played by the rules to come to the US to seek a better life. These aren’t who illegally crossed a border, or overstayed a visa. These are legal immigrants.

The rule change illustrates that Trump doesn’t want any non-white immigration into the United States.

The policy is racist, unnecessary, and hurts the Republican Party ahead of the 2020 election.

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