Trump Rigged The GOP Primary Then Thanked Republicans For Endorsing Him

Trump has set up the Republican primary so that no serious candidate can challenge him. He then thanked the Nebraska Republican Party for unanimously endorsing him.

Trump tweeted:

The RNC, which Trump controls, unanimously endorsed Trump in January, and Trump has dismantled the party structure for any serious primary challenge to take place.

Reason reported:

In a move that escaped much journalistic attention last week year, the Republican National Committee (RNC) voted unanimously to disband its debate committee, an explicit signal that the traditionally impartial body is not interested in officiating a primary challenge against President Donald Trump. Incumbent presidents will continue their unbroken string of avoiding primary debates.


“There is no Republican primary, as the RNC has made clear,” McEnany said. “That’s the highest own-party approval rating for a president, with one exception—and it’s [George W.] Bush during 9/11….President Trump got more votes in the history of our party than any Republican nominee. So the notion that there is a Republican primary is a false one.”
Republicans have been considering canceling their primaries in several states so that Trump will be handed the nomination at the convention.

Technically, Bill Weld is running against him, but with the party already endorsing Trump, no debates, and several states potentially canceling their primaries, there is no Republican contest.

Trump is spending his vacation, congratulating himself for getting endorsements in an election that he has already rigged to win.