William Barr Ripped For Bungling Jeffrey Epstein’s Federal Custody


Former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi said that Attorney General William Barr bungled Jeffrey Epstein’s federal custody, but not having him secured at the highest level.

Figliuzzi said on MSNBC, “If he felt that Epstein was so important and the victims getting some justice was so important as Tom referred to this prisoner could have been under watch as a valuable prisoner, put aside the suicide threat, that risk, the psychological concerns, this was a very valuable prisoner that should have been kept alive. So a little bit too late for Barr to come in and say he wants justice for the victims. He could have had it by ordering special handling for Epstein. The other thing that I hope is wrapped up in his statement that there will be justice and coconspirators will be looked at I hope he also means the corruption investigation into how Alex Acosta, Trump’s Secretary of Labor but former U.S. Attorney of Miami, got Epstein off the federal hook years ago and got him a state charge instead. I hope there will be pursuit of a corruption investigation for the southern district of Florida to figure out how this even happened in the first place.”



If Epstein was so important to the DOJ, why was he sitting in New York City like any other federal prisoner? Why didn’t the DOJ step in after Epstein’s first prison suicide attempt? It is difficult to believe Barr now when the Trump DOJ had ample opportunity to secure Jeffrey Epstein at the highest level of federal custody and did nothing.

The prison is to blame because they apparently were not following procedure, but Trump administration bumbling gave Jeffrey Epstein the opening to commit suicide.

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