Trump Doubles Down And Suggests The Clintons Killed Jeffrey Epstein

Trump doubled down on his support for the conspiracy theory that Bill and Hillary Clinton killed Jeffrey Epstein.

Trump suggests the Clintons killed Jeffrey Epstein

The White House Pool report as provided to PoliticusUSA reported:

Asked again if he believed the Clintons had anything to do with Epstein’s death, he said he didn’t know. Then he talked about Epstein’s private island, where allegedly “bad things” happened
“Did Bill Clinton go to the island?”

NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell backed up the pool report:

Trump mismanagement allowed Jeffrey Epstein to commit suicide

As MSNBC’s Ari Melber pointed out, “Barr and Donald Trump are responsible for the DOJ’s prison system and the Epstein case provides a lens for how this all runs in the Trump era. Starved like many other federal programs, it has been running while missing roughly one-third of the needed staff. And while that explains part of why the ground level enforcement was so strained, Trump has also given the short shift at the top. Keeping four cabinet-level officials, having only temporary acting heads. Well, that approach also in play at the DOJ’s prison bureau which is only an acting director. The number two position totally empty. These are the kind of staffing holes Trump has tried to claim are some kind of positive.”

Trump is blaming the Clintons to hide his failure

The Clintons had nothing to do with Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Trump’s incompetent way of running the federal government provided the opportunity for Epstein to commit suicide. Trump is hiding behind the Clintons because it is red meat for his shrinking base of support, and it gives him a smokescreen to hide behind. Trump and his handpicked Attorney General William Barr are to blame. Epstein was a federal prisoner and the Trump administration screwed up.

There isn’t a Clinton conspiracy biggest enough to hide a reality that the entire country can see.