Worn Out Trump Tries To Save Himself With Pathetic Lies In Pennsylvania

Trump told a captive audience of Shell employees that he brought back steel, which he didn’t, as he continued to have no clue how tariffs work.


Trump’s claim that he revived the steel industry is absurd. The steel industry went into a downturn after his tariffs. Western Pennsylvania is not thriving due to a return of the steel industry. New steel plants are not filling the region. The return of steel that Trump was talking about is a fantasy that exists only in his mind. For example, steel production in the Great Lakes region has fallen by 1.4%, and the steel industry is still running at the same 80% capacity that they have been running at for years.

Trump also continues to sell the lie that the US is making money off tariffs. This is a false statement that Trump continues to cling to even after his own staff has told him that it’s not true. China is not paying the tariffs. US businesses and consumers are. Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow admitted this reality on Fox News.

The president’s overall performance was pathetic. He rambled about pipelines, lied at every turn, and tried to hide the lack of top Pennsylvania political figures there to see him. The best that Trump could get was the state speaker of the House. It was a sad performance that is reliant on the hope that voters in the Keystone State don’t take a look around and realize that Trump is lying.

If this speech was part of Trump’s plan to keep Pennsylvania, Democrats should be feeling pretty good about their 2020 odds.

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