Eric Trump Throws A Tantrum Because The Media Isn’t Covering His Dad’s Rigged Primary


Eric Trump went on Fox and Friends to complain that the media won’t cover how well Trump is doing in a Republican primary that he rigged to win.



Eric Trump said, “I actually went to search for this. It’s called the corn kernel poll, right? Everybody puts a kernel of corn in the bowl that they like. Trump’s bowl was actually overflowing, right? But, they actually only show the Democrats. They only show these little ones. You Mayor de Blasio, the mayor of this city, here in New York, there’s about 30,000 kernels in these bowls, right? He has like three kernels, but they won’t show the one on the red podium, which is Trump’s which is literally full to the top and overflowing.”

The Iowa Corn Kernel poll is not a real poll. It is unscientific and doesn’t mean anything.

Another small problem with Eric Trump’s complaint is that his dad has rigged the Republican primary so that he is virtually running unopposed. The RNC, which Donald Trump controls, will not be holding primary debates, and Republican parties in several states are thinking of canceling their primaries and caucuses. Trump has set up the primary, so that candidates who do run against him, like Bill Weld, won’t get to debate the president or face Trump in a full slate of primaries or caucuses.

Eric Trump is complaining that the media won’t praise his father or winning a primary that has been set up for the president.

Winning the primary isn’t an accomplishment for an incumbent president, it’s an expectation, and Donald Trump deserves no praise for winning a primary that he rigged.

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