Mitch McConnell Warned That Voters Will Make Him Pay For Cowardly Inaction On Gun Violence

Rep. Max Rose (D-NY) warned Mitch McConnell that voters are going to make him pay in 2020 for his cowardly inaction on gun violence.

MitchMcConnell Gets Called Out For Cowardice On Guns

Rose said on MSNBC:

This all depends on Mitch Mcconnell. As we look at this issue of domestic terrorism, it’s a complicated issue. It’s going to require increased resources for law enforcement, certainly. DHS has to double down on their focus. We have to make these global white nationalist organizations give them the label of terrorist organizations which will give us enhanced surveillance capabilities. But we can’t lose sight of the fact that we are the only nation in the world that is dealing with this problem. Domestic white nationalism is something that we’re seeing across the globe but this is just happening in America. Kids right now have to show courage to go to school. People have to show courage to go to their faith-based organizations. Mitch McConnell, though, is being a coward in the halls of congress. And it’s absurd and the American people, I believe he’s going to suffer the consequences for this when he goes before his own voters in 2020.


But I’m not going to give up hope, okay? This president, I don’t believe, has any inner core beliefs here. So he’ll flow with the wind. What I am concerned about though is Mitch McConnell and the fact he is enslaved by the NRA, enslaved by the Republican base. That’s really the decisive point here. If Mitch Mcconnell shows courage for once in his career and he has the ability to save lives, simple as that, I do believe the president will sign legislation.


Rep. Rose is correct. It is going to take McConnell to make something substantial happen to combat the epidemic of mass shootings. Majority Leader McConnell has shown more interest in regulating video games than guns, so the odds that he will wake up and do the right thing are zero.

McConnell may not pay with voters in Kentucky, but his behavior is the sort of special interest puppet behavior that could cost Republicans their Senate majority in 2020. Voters are watching and if McConnell continues to do the NRA’s bidding, he and his party will pay dearly at the polls in 2020.

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