In Must See Clip, Nicolle Wallace Shows Just How Crazy Trump Is

Nicolle Wallace showed how Trump is ignoring the fact that the world is on fire and acting flat out crazy.

Wallace played a selection of clips from Trump’s event in Pennsylvania on Tuesday where the president said, “I think we’re looking good all over in Ohio, in North Carolina, in South Carolina, Florida. We just got numbers in Florida. Looking fantastically good. I got sued on a thing called emoluments. Ever heard of it? Nobody heard of it before. Nobody looks at Obama getting $16 million for a book. Even though nobody in history got that much for a book. They said don’t worry about the.. do we have umbrellas? Umbrellas work very well. Especially when they’re made in America. I always love trucks. I still do. Nothing changes. Sometimes you might become president but nothing changes. I still love trucks.”

The MSNBC host said, “World is on fire and Trump is musing publicly about his poll numbers in battleground states, his love of umbrellas and trucks and President Obama’s book deal.”


Trump showed signs of mental deterioration with each passing hour of the worst stock market day of the year.
The clip that MSNBC’s Deadline: White House put together shows how far out of touch with the presidency and reality Donald Trump has become. Trump is ranting about umbrellas and trucks while the situation in Hong Kong deteriorates and the United States moves toward recession. Trump is trying to paint Joe Biden as crazy and unfit for the presidency. The reality is that Trump is showing the country how unfit he is every single day.