Trump Loses It After Causing The Worst Stock Market Day Of The Year

Trump is losing and trying to blame everyone else, after causing the worst stock market day of the year with his trade war.

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi said that Wednesday was the worst percentage drop of the entire year:

Trump tried to settle the markets by blaming the Fed for the recession that he is on the verge of causing:

Presidents who refuse to budge on policy when they are clearly wrong and harming the country, are the sort of presidents who destroy economies and cause recessions. Trump knows nothing about economics. He is still pushing the universally debunked lie that China is paying the US tariffs. Trump is losing it and making an argument that people know is not true. An interest rate cut is not going to turn this situation around. An interest rate cut is a mixed bag. It is not a cure-all for the economy, and should not be used in an effort to paper over the damage that is being done with the president’s trade war.

Trump is looking to hold off a recession until after the election, but even if his trade war stops tomorrow, it might be too late.

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