Fox News Poll Shows All Democratic Candidates Surging And Easily Beating Trump In 2020

Donald Trump’s favorite “news” organization released a poll on Thursday, and it has very bad news for the president ahead of 2020.

According to the Fox News survey, each of the leading Democratic contenders polled – Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris – would easily defeat Trump if the election were held today.

The full breakdown of head-to-head polling via Fox News:

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 6.39.29 PM.png

The Democrats are surging and Trump continues to sink

Like just about every piece of polling data we’ve seen this cycle, Biden polls strongest against Trump, beating him by 12 points in a hypothetical matchup. Sanders, too, continues to hold up well against the president with a 9-point lead.

The biggest shift comes in Trump’s head-to-head numbers against Warren and Harris, who now have solid leads after being behind in the last Fox News poll.

Democratic pollster Will Jordan pointed out how each of the Democratic candidates have surged since the last survey:

The Republican brand is in the tank

There is no question that this is a horrendous poll for Trump. Not only is he losing badly to the leading Democratic contenders, but his approval rating appears to be in a tailspin.

But it’s not just Trump who should be concerned. The survey shows the entire Republican brand is in the tank. The American people simply don’t want to be associated with the GOP.

While former President Obama, all the leading Democratic candidates and the Democratic Party as a whole have net positive favorability ratings, Trump, Mike Pence, the NRA and the Republican Party as a whole are underwater.

There is a long way to go until the next presidential election, and the numbers will likely fluctuate, if not change altogether.

But right now, American voters seem more than eager to send Donald Trump and the Republican Party packing come November 2020.

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