Empty Seats In New Hampshire As Trump’s Latest Campaign Rally Flops

Donald Trump often likes to brag about his large crowd sizes, but his campaign event in New Hampshire on Thursday didn’t appear to be packed to capacity.

In a picture posted by WRKO out of Boston, Trump is seen onstage during the rally with quite a few empty seats in view behind him.

Trump’s rallies are boring

It’s no surprise that the arena wasn’t packed to the rafters to see Trump. His rallies have become so predictable and boring that not even cable news outlets – other than Fox News – waste much time covering them.

On Thursday in New Hampshire, Trump brought his usual talking points, attacking Democratic presidential candidates, whining about “fixed polls,” claiming that the economy will crash if he loses in 2020, and going off on multiple fact-free rambles.

At one point during the rally, Trump attacked a protester who interrupted his speech, saying, “That guy’s got a serious weight problem. Go home, start exercising.”

The president also took credit for a plant in Louisiana that was approved by the Obama administration in 2014, as CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale noted:

In other words, it was the same old show we’ve seen on repeat since Trump jumped into the political arena in 2015. People are bored of it.

Democrats look strong in New Hampshire

It’s no surprise Donald Trump is going to New Hampshire well before the 2020 election: Hillary Clinton narrowly won the swing state in 2016, and the Democrats are poised to keep it in their column next year.

A poll released earlier this week shows all leading Democratic candidates beating Trump in a hypothetical matchup, with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders leading by double digits:

It’s been a disastrous few weeks for the president, from the massacre he inspired in El Paso to the slowing global economy to devastating public polling.

The fact that dozens of empty seats could be seen during his rally in New Hampshire is just icing on the cake.

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