One Fox News Poll Finding Signals Potential Doom For Trump

The Fox News poll found that Trump isn’t persuading anyone outside of his supporters to vote for him, including who dislike both the president and Joe Biden.

According to the Fox News Poll:

Voters who have a negative view of both Biden and Trump back Biden by a 43-10 percent margin in the head-to-head matchup, although many would vote for someone else (27 percent), wouldn’t vote (12 percent) or are undecided (8 percent).

The Democratic Party has a +6 net positive rating (51 favorable-45 unfavorable), while the Republican Party is viewed negatively by 13 points (41-54). Part of the reason is more Democrats (92 percent) rate their party favorably than Republicans rate theirs (84 percent).

Trump was able to win in 2016 because he was able to make voters dislike Hillary Clinton more. Many people in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania didn’t vote for Trump, but against Clinton. If those people heavily support Joe Biden, it means that Trump’s ceiling of support is more limited than many have imagined. Trump might be limited just to those who are his biggest supporters. Trump’s strategy is to discredit Joe Biden as a viable candidate, if he fails to do that, he doesn’t the baseline of popular support needed to win reelection.

Donald Trump’s refusal to expand the pool of voters who might support him is sowing the seeds for his political doom.

Should Republicans fail to hold down Democratic turnout and turn voters against the Democratic nominee, Trump will be set up to lose badly next November.