Twitter Suspends Anthony Scaramucci for calling Trump Fat

Twitter temporarily suspended Anthony Scaramucci for pointing out the fact that Donald Trump is fat.

Jonathan Swan of Axios tweeted:

The suspension was hypocritical from Twitter because Trump had already accidentally fat-shamed one of his own supporters, and secondly, Trump is fat.

Journalists get threatened every single day on Twitter. Female journalists deal with rape threats, death threats, comments about their looks and general threats of violence on a daily basis. When they report abuse to Twitter, they are most often ignored and told that the offender didn’t violate Twitter’s terms of service.

Twitter is one of the businesses that has benefitted most from Donald Trump’s presidency, along with The New York Times and Washington Post.
Trump has also constantly accused Twitter of bias against him, and now Twitter has shown that they will cave to cries to bias against conservatives.

If Twitter is going to start banning users for fat-shaming, Trump should be one of the first to be banned, with his cult of supporters soon to follow.

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