Trump Has Spent 278 Years Of Presidential Salary On Taxpayer Funded Golf Trips

Trump boasted about donating his presidential salary, but his taxpayer-funded trips to his private golf clubs have cost taxpayers 278.5 years of presidential salary.

Trump tweeted:

The reality:

According to Trump Golf Count, Trump has taken 207 golf trips and counting, at a cost to taxpayers of $108 million and counting. Taxpayers are getting a horrible deal. The country would be better off paying Trump his salary and forcing the president to pay for his own golf trips.

If Trump was forced to pay for his own trips to his private clubs, not only would the taxpayers save money, but Trump also wouldn’t make millions of dollars by billing the taxpayers for expenses at his clubs.
Republicans who made an issue out of Obama’s vacations suddenly have nothing to say about a president who has made George W. Bush look like a workaholic. Since Trump really isn’t a billionaire, the odds of taxpayers ever getting their money back are zero.

Donald Trump has pulled a lot of cons as president, but one of his biggest is how he managed to donate his presidential salary while taking millions of more dollars from taxpayers.