Republicans Block The FEC From Calling The FBI About NRA Russian Money Laundering For Trump

Republicans on the Federal Election Commission wouldn’t allow the Commission to make a single phone call to the FBI about a potential investigation into NRA Russian money laundering for Trump.

Republicans blocked the FEC from calling the FBI about NRA Russian money laundering for Trump

Video of FEC Chair Ellen Weintraub on The Rachel Maddow Show:

Weintraub said, “The complaint was based on that article which said the FBI was investigating. So I said to my colleagues, well, let’s at least call the FBI and ask them. And then we’ll know whether the article was well-founded or not. We’ll have that basic question answered, are they investigating or aren’t they. If they are they might have interesting information for us. In any event, we would know whether the article was based on real information or not. And this really was dumbfounding to me. I could not get agreement from my colleagues for our staff to make a single phone call over to the FBI, a sister agency, a law enforcement agency. Wouldn’t have bothered a citizen. Or in any way impaired first amendment rights. All we needed to do was call another government employee and say are you or are you not investigating this issue. Couldn’t get the votes. Couldn’t do it.”

The Russian infiltration of the Republican Party is epidemic. Republicans on the Federal Election Commission are using the same obstruction tactics that the White House uses, and Mitch McConnel uses in the Senate to obstruct any investigation of Trump and Russia. The Republican elephant has been replaced with a Russian bear. The levers of government are being used to protect a president may be owned and compromised by a hostile foreign power.

The FBI could still be investigating NRA Russian money laundering.[We don’t know, and even the FEC was too paralyzed by GOP obstruction to find out.

Even if Democrats rid the nation of Trump and McConnell in 2020, it is going to take years to clean up the toxic corruption and damage that Republicans and their Russian handlers have done.

Chair Weintraub has a much more detailed statement on Republican obstruction that is worth your time to read: