Trump Is Ignoring Denmark And Still Trying To Buy Greenland

Trump’s top economic adviser Larry Kudlow said that discussions are ongoing, even though Demark is refusing sale Greenland To Trump.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

PERINO: Larry, I’ve enjoyed having you. I have one last question. If you get asked to go do a site survey about purchasing Greenland, can I go with you?


KUDLOW: Well, maybe I’ll run the central bank.

Look, it’s an interesting story. It’s developing. We’re looking at it. We don’t know.

Years ago, Harry Truman wanted to buy Greenland. Denmark owns Greenland.

Denmark is an ally. Greenland is a strategic place up there and they’ve got a lot of valuable minerals.

I don’t want to predict it now. I’m just saying the president, who knows a thing or two about buying real estate, wants to take a look at a potential Greenland purchase.
Denmark has already told Trump that Greenland is not for sale. The buying Greenland idea is about Trump using taxpayer money to give himself a presidential legacy. Trump’s behavior is an admission that he deeply fears being a forgotten president, which is exactly what he is on pace to become.

Barack Obama promised change, and out of his many accomplishments is a transformation of American health care and the way Americans view healthcare as a right. Trump has no great achievements on his record. Trump has flopped in North Korea, been a tool of Putin, and harmed relations with US allies. He has no domestic accomplishments that can’t be undone with a future presidential executive order or congressional action.

Greenland is Trump’s desperate gasp for legacy securing achievement, but just like everything else this president sets out to do, his quest to buy Greenland will fail.

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