Trump Accidentally Admits That Fox News Is White House Propaganda

While talking to reporters, Trump went off on a tangent about Fox News where he accidentally revealed that Fox is propaganda.

Trump said, “I’m very — I’m not happy with Fox. I’m certainly happy, I think, Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs and I think tucker Carlson and Laura and Jesse waters and Janine, we have a lot of great people. Even Greg, he wasn’t good to many two years ago. Now he sees all I’ve done. He said would you rather have a great president or a nice guy? I don’t know, I think I’m a nice guy but nobody’s done in 2 1/2 years what I’ve done and I say that a lot and very few people can challenge it. The first 2 1/2 years, nobody’s done what I’ve done. In terms of tax cuts. Regulation cuts. The military. The vets. The choice. So many different things. Nobody’s done that.


The Mueller report found that Fox News was propaganda for Trump as the White House was given editorial over how interviews were edited for airing on Fox News. There has been a revolving door from the White House to Fox.

People have it wrong when they claim Trump is running Fox News or Fox News is running Trump.

The truth is what Trump said. The two are working together. Trump needs Fox, and Fox needs Trump. It is a partnership.

Fox News isn’t journalism, and they aren’t an independent news organization. Trump tried to walk it back, but anyone who is watching Fox News is getting mostly White House propaganda.

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