Trump Blames Media Bias Not His Total Failure As President For Bad Polls


Trump claimed that he would have great poll numbers if it wasn’t for media bias instead of his failure at every aspect of the presidency.

Trump tweeted:


Donald Trump is a person who understands little about political strategy, and what he knows, he has mimicked from watching Fox News. Trump saw Fox News become the number one cable news network by attacking media bias. Republican claims of media bias against them date back more than half a century. The difference between Trump and others who have mined this tired stream for political gold is that he has convinced himself that the media is holding his poll numbers down.

Trump, and most presidents, frankly don’t understand that their media coverage is a reflection of their own behavior. The White House complains that the economy gets too little coverage, but nearly every day, Donald Trump is hijacking the message with racist attacks or some sort of inflammatory language.

This president has failed in every aspect of his job. His legislative accomplishments are non-existent. He has tried to take the country’s moral compass, set it on fire, and throw it in a dumpster. The trade war is Trump’s biggest foreign policy move and it is a total debacle that is pushing the country toward recession. There is no area of success in the Trump presidency. Trump took the Obama economy and slowed it down to being on the verge of recession.

The problem isn’t the media. The problem is Donald Trump.