Trump Pathetically Tries To Tweet His Way Out Of A Recession


No recession has replaced no collusion and no obstruction, as Trump is trying to tweet the country out of an oncoming recession.

Trump tweeted:


Trump is tweeting these obviously false statements because he is trying to tweet the country out of a potential recession. The tariffs are not being paid by China. The “big trade deals” are not anywhere close to completion. The US economy is not the best in the world, and it is slowing down.

Donald Trump has such a limited skill set that instead of using the power of the federal government to take action that would either head off or minimize the recession, the president is so inept and fundamentally unequipped that he trying to change the trajectory of the US economy with his Twitter account.

The entire display would be pathetic if it wasn’t so serious. Millions of people are already teetering on the brink in Trump’s economy. A recession is the last thing that they need. After his tweets fail, and the recession arrives, Trump has no clue what to do to help the US economy.