Trump’s Approval Rating Is Plummeting As America Heads Toward Recession

As another recession looks increasingly likely due in part to Donald Trump’s trade war and the GOP tax scam, Donald Trump’s approval rating is plummeting.

Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 44 percent in his favorite Rasmussen survey, which generally gives the president better numbers than other pollsters. It’s the lowest approval rating Rasmussen has tabulated for Trump in three months.

According to the RealClearPolitics average of all polls, the president’s disapproval rating has risen to the highest level since February.

Trump is pushing America toward recession

For much of the past two years, Donald Trump has repeatedly tried to take credit for the economy that Barack Obama and Joe Biden handed him in 2017 when he took office.

This despite the fact that Trump’s economy is generating 30,000 fewer jobs per month than Obama’s economy, and Obama actually cut the deficit by more than half over his two terms in the White House.

But as Trump’s policies fully take hold – from his reckless trade wars to the massive, unpaid-for tax cuts for the wealthy – his time bragging about the Obama-Biden economy is running out.

Donald Trump is pushing America toward another recession, and the American people are starting to notice.

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