Trump Admits He Canceled Denmark Trip Because PM Hurt His Feelings


Trump called the female Prime Minister of Denmark nasty and admitted that he canceled his trip to the country because she hurt his feelings.



Trump said, “I thought the Prime Minister’s statement that it was absurd, that it was an absurd idea, it was nasty. I thought it was an inappropriate statement. All she had to do was say no we wouldn’t be interested, but we can’t treat the United States of America the way they treated us under President Obama. I thought it was a very not nice way of saying something. They could have told me no. This is something that’s been discussed for many years. Harry Truman had the idea of Greenland. I’ve had the idea. Other people have had the idea. It goes back into the early 1900s.


All they had to do was say we’d rather not do that. We’d rather not talk about it. Don’t say what an absurd idea that is, because she’s not talking to me. She’s talking to the United States of America.

Trump threw a tantrum and got his feelings hurt because the Prime Minister called his idea of buying Greenland absurd.

Donald Trump finds it easy to play the tough guy and insult women, but he bows down and is a total lapdog for men like Kim Jong-un and Putin.

Trump thinks that he is the United States, but he is not.

He is the representative of the government to the world. Trump is not the country. He is an officeholder in the country. Trump is not the US, so his feeble claim that Denmark insulted the country plays like childish whining from a poor little rich boy who was reminded that he is an absurd dummy, and viewed as a clown on the world stage.

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