Protesters Meet Trump In Kentucky And Mock His Small Penis

A protester in Louisville, Kentucky got met Donald Trump as he arrived at a hotel with a sign mocking his small penis.

Via the White House Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

Across the street from the hotel entrance, some protesters are standing quietly while holding a large white sign with large spray painted black letters that say:

“Donnie Has a SMALL Pee Pee.”

Here is the sign:

Video of the protesters:

As seen in the video above, protesters lined the street and met Trump with a variety of signs about locking children in cages, and his stupidity, but the one that is certain to get under his skin was the big spray-painted sign mocking the size of his penis, which we all know way too much about thanks to public reports of Trump adultery. Trump has been sensitive about the size of his stuff since he entered politics, so if a protester was looking to get noticed, they made a good choice.

Trump loves to play the tough guy, usually by insulting women, and the American people have caught on.

Donald Trump can’t go anywhere without being insulted, as the least popular president in history was even protested in Mitch McConnell’s backyard.