If The Economy Fails, Trump Is Toast As 49% Of His Supporters Would Blame Him For Recession

The White House is panicked over a recession because a new poll found that half of Trump’s supporters would blame him if the economy tumbles.

According to a new Morning Consult/Politico poll:

Sixty-nine percent of all voters would at least partially blame Trump for a recession, according to the poll, while 19% said he wouldn’t be responsible at all.

Notably, Trump faces pressure from his own supporters, as well. Just shy of half (49%) of those who voted for Trump in 2016 would hold him at least partially responsible for a major economic downturn, while 40 percent wouldn’t.

Trump does have some room to slide on the economy. His 48 percent approval rating on the economy outperforms his overall 42 percent approval rating.

Donald Trump has banked everything on the strategies of racism, fear, and running on the economy. The economy is the only polling attribute that is somewhat positive for Trump, and even that isn’t particularly strong, because he is under 50% approval on his handling of the economy. The White House should be especially worried, as this is the second consecutive poll that shows Trump at below 50% on his handling of the economy.
When the recession comes, and it is coming at some point, Trump is going to be blamed.

The White House is scrambling to figure out a way to prevent the recession from arriving before the 2020 election. Trump has taken the Obama economy and weakened it to the point of recession, and he is going to be blamed even by his own supporters.

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