Fox News Hires Sarah Huckabee Sanders To Continue Her Career Of Lying For Trump

Fox News has hired Sarah Huckabee Sanders to continue her career of lying for Donald Trump.

This will be the most unsurprising announcement of the year:

Of course, Sarah Sanders got a job working at Fox News after leaving the White House because there is a revolving door between the Oval Office and Fox.

It was just last weekend when Trump admitted that he and Fox News are working together, “I’m very — I’m not happy with Fox. I’m certainly happy, I think, Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs and I think tucker Carlson and Laura and Jesse waters and Janine, we have a lot of great people.”

On a deeper level, Sanders joining Fox News signals that there was no bidding war for her services. No reputable media company would touch her with a ten-foot pole, so she went to state TV, where she can continue to lie for Trump on a regular basis.

In political terms, Sanders is going to use her Fox gig to boost her profile ahead of her run for governor of Arkansas. Sanders, who doesn’t have any of John Kasich’s prior political experience, is going to try to parlay being on Fox a successful gubernatorial campaign.

The good news for the American people is that they don’t have to watch Sarah Sanders. If they want to avoid her, they only need to not watch Fox News.

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