Biden Tells His Crowd To Be Nice To Reporters “Because We’re Not Trump”

Former vice president Biden told an overflow crowd at Dartmouth College to be nice to a pool reporters because “We’re not Donald Trump.”

According to Biden Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

Before his speech at Dartmouth College on Friday afternoon, Biden briefly addressed an overflow crowd of about 150 who couldn’t get into the 400-person Alumni Center room.

“I just came to apologize for you not being able to get in,” Biden said, shouting over the stereo system playing Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al.”

“I’ll come back if you’re willing to wait,” Biden said. “There’s no audio… there’s nothing here for me to holler through. To make a long story short, thank you for being here.”

Spotting a reporter next to him, Biden seized the opportunity to turn him into a campaign prop.

“By the way, be nice to him. He’s a reporter,” Biden told the crowd.

We like you. We’re not Donald Trump,” Biden stage-whispered.

Joe Biden found a clever way to drive his message home about the tone of the country under Donald Trump. “We’re not Donald Trump” is a decent campaign message. It is not enough to win a general election on its own, but Biden more than any other Democratic candidate is in touch the feeling that Trump evokes in a majority of Americans. The former vice president knows that the American people are tired of the ugliness and division and that most people would like a president who is capable of being competent and nice. (Two qualities that Trump has lacked since day one of his political career.)

The great thing about this Democratic field is that Biden isn’t alone in being a decent person. All of the campaigns are filled with hard-working and good people who want to take their country back from Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter which candidate primary voters support. The concept of making this country nice again should be universally supported, no matter which candidate one votes for during the primaries and caucuses.

Make America Nice Again sounds like a winning message after what will be four exhausting years of Donald Trump.

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