David Koch dies and the media whitewashing has begun

Within minutes of the announcement of David Koch’s death, the mainstream media started whitewashing his legacy.

Video of MSNBC’s Morning Joe whitewashing David Koch’s legaxy:

One can expect a lot of this sort of coverage of David Koch over the weekend. The Koch brothers spread their policy agenda often with loads of cash spread out to state and local parties and candidates behind closed doors to carry out policies behind the backs of entire communities. The Kochs were funders and organizers of the bogus Astroturf Tea Party movement that moved the Republican Party closer to its current right-wing extremism and paved the way for the rise of Trump.

There is nothing overly complicated about the legacy of David Koch. He was a billionaire who worked to undermine democracy while giving huge sums of money to charity.

Those two activities are not mutually exclusive, can exist in the same person, and both should be talked about.

David Koch is one of the billionaires who embodied the hijacking of government for their own purposes, and not mentioning this fact allows the Kochs to operate in the shadows one more time.