Trump Has A Total Meltdown And “Orders” US Companies To Not Do Business With China

Trump responded to China’s latest round of retaliatory tariffs by “ordering” US companies out of China, but he doesn’t have the power to order companies to do anything.

Trump tweeted:

Trump has no power or authority to tell US companies what to do. He can’t “order” companies to do anything. The US would have to impose a trade embargo on China that would require an act of Congress that will never happen in a million years. A trade embargo or any other sort of restriction making it illegal for US companies to do business in or with China would instantly cripple the economy and send the nation into a recession.

Donald Trump has painted himself into a corner and has no way out. China is in no hurry to make a deal. The Chinese know that Trump is on a deadline with the 2020 election looming. They can wait him out, and retaliatory tariffs are only turning up the pressure on the inept and incompetent Trump.