Trump Hits Back At China Tariffs By Increasing Taxes On Americans

Trump still doesn’t understand how tariffs work, which is why he responded to new Chinese tariffs by increasing US tariffs, which are paid by Americans.

Trump tweeted:

That’ll show the Chinese!!! Harming the American economy even more will bring China to its knees, and have them begging for a deal. Trump is the guy who threatens you by pointing the gun at his own head. The one certain way to lose a trade war is to escalate it. Trump is still working under the false premise that China is paying for the tariffs. Everyone, besides Trump, knows that the tariffs are being paid by US businesses and consumers.

When Trump increases the tariffs, he isn’t hurting China. He is pushing the United States closer to a recession. The “chosen one” isn’t going to back down on this trade war until he has burned the entire global economy to the ground.