Anthony Scaramucci Says Trump Is Having A Full-Blown Mental Breakdown

Anthony Scaramucci says that Donald Trump has lost it, and is having a full-blown mental breakdown on the job.

Scaramucci said on Meet The Press Daily:

So what they’re basically saying is three things. It’s all cognitive dissidence. I am trying to help the situation by being on the inside. I am trying to help the situation by trying to put a lid on it. You know the president’s personality. If you say one syllable out of place for the president he goes bonkers on you on Twitter. I don’t want to be primaried. It’s this sort of stuff. But I’m asking people in the Republican Party to step above their personal self-interest and leap up into the words of patriotism and move and ask for the president to take a step back now. He has totally and completely lost it. There is nobody that can look at the situation, read the tweets, look at the press phrase, and say he hasn’t lost it. He’s now calling —


I think he’s having a full-blown mental breakdown on the job. I think he’s recognizing that he’s stuck at 40 on his way to 36, on his way to 20. I think he realizes that he totally miscalculated and blew the XI trading situation. He totally misunderestimated the president of China. And he totally overplayed his hand. And so they’re locked in. Remember, they starved 50 million people 50 years ago. They don’t care. You guys are talking about whether they want him there or not. They may still want him there because he’s so disruptive to the global alliance and he’s fracturing the western Canon of liberal democracies that they may want him there just to create more havoc on the civil position. But my fellow Republicans can’t want him there. Number one, he’s going to lose the election in 2020. Number two, he’s completely unhinged. And, number three, let’s just be honest like business leaders would be. The guy is out of his realm now. It’s time to take a powder. If you were the chairman of a board of a publicly-traded company looking at this situation, you’d say no mas and it’s time to replace him.


Scaramucci isn’t a person assessing the situation from afar. He knows Trump. He has been in the White House with Trump, and he sounds like the canary in the coal mine for the Republican Party. People who know Trump are talking more openly about his declining mental state. The Mooch isn’t a doctor, but it is clear to anyone who has been paying attention that the more his options close, the more impulsive and erratic Trump becomes.

The Republican Party isn’t going to push Trump out. They are going down with the ship, but the larger point shouldn’t be lost that Trump’s mental decline is being openly discussed on national television for the entire world to see.

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