Joe Walsh Jumps Into GOP Primary By Calling Trump A Narcissist Sexual Predator


Former Rep. Joe Walsh said that Trump is a narcissist sexual predator who lies every time he opens his mouth as the former Congressman launched 2020 bid to win the Republican nomination.

When asked why he called Obama a Muslim, Walsh said on MSNBC, “I had so much disgust and disagreement with Barack Obama on policies that I let those disagreements get the better of me and I got personal. I’m running against a guy who is unfit to be president. I’m running against the guy who lies every time he opens his mouth. He’s a narcissist like we’ve never seen. He’s a sexual predator. All he cares about is himself. He’s cruel. He wakes up every morning and sends a tweet out insulting average Americans. This is above the issues and it’s above me. He’s unfit.”



Joe Walsh and Bill Weld have no chance of winning a Republican presidential primary that Donald Trump has effectively rigged through his control over the RNC. Several state Republican parties are considering not holding primaries or caucuses, and the RNC has stated that there will be no presidential primary debates.

Walsh’s campaign is a good way to drum up publicity, but one suspects what’s happening at a deeper level is that the Trump ship is sinking and people like Walsh are running for the lifeboats while trying to avoid getting tainted with Trump stink.

Polling suggests that Trump has a stranglehold on Republican primary voters.

Walsh’s candidacy is a clear sign that there are troubled waters building beneath Trump, and if the president loses in 2020, all hell is going to break loose within the GOP.

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