Trump Humiliates Himself By Making Up Fake Quotes From World Leaders


Trump used the G7 to make up fake quotes from other unnamed world leaders who he falsely claims asked him why the US media hates America.

Trump tweeted:


There are several tells here that Trump is making the whole thing up. First, anytime Trump begins a story by claiming that someone said Mr. President or sir, he is lying. Secondly, notice how all of these world leaders say things to Trump, but they are never named. You better believe that if a leader at the G7 ever said this, Trump would have filmed it, used the person’s name, and had it blasted all over Fox News and his Twitter account in seconds.

No world leader at the G7 would ever say something like this.

Trump’s fake quote is him trying to BS his way out of a looming recession. The media is not rooting for the country. The press is reporting facts about the slowing US economy and the damage that is being done by Trump’s trade war.

Donald Trump is humiliating himself by trying to campaign against the media by inventing fake anonymous quotes.

It is all childish nonsense that was invented by a sinking president who is planning on running against the press in 2020.

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