On The Brink Of Recession, Trump Spends The G7 Sending Birthday Tweets To Sean Connery

The US and Europe are close to the brink of recession but Donald Trump is spending the G7 sending birthday tweets to Sean Connery and Regis Philbin.

Trump tweeted:

Trump sent these tweets from the G7. A global recession is a growing possibility, but Donald Trump is more worried about trying to suck up to Sean Connery so that he looks less of a D-lister than about the growing storm clouds building over the US economy. Never has there been a president who had so little to do at a vital international gathering that he could spend time shooting out tweets like he ist the daily celebrity birthday list on Entertainment Tonight.

The recession is coming, and when it arrives, if Donald Trump is still in office, the nation is going to have a serious crisis on its hands. Trump is capable of taking a recession and turning it into a depression. Trump belongs back at Trump Tower where he can watch Fox News and tweet all day. Manufacturing indicators hit a Great Recession level low. There is trouble in the air, but instead of leading the country, Donald Trump’s denial and inaction are moving the nation closer to disaster.