Trump Got Smacked Down By Other G7 Leaders As He Did Putin’s Bidding


Trump tried to say that weight shouldn’t be given to being a democracy as he argued for Russia being readmitted to the G7, but other world leaders shot him down.

The Washington Post reported:
The entire 44-year vision of the G-7 gathering, according to the non-U. S. participants, is to hash out global issues among like-minded democracies. So the discussion quickly turned even more fundamental: Whether the leaders should assign any special weight to being a democracy, officials said.

Most of the other participants forcefully believed the answer was yes. Trump believed the answer was no. The pushback against him was delivered so passionately that the U.S. president’s body language changed as one leader after another dismissed his demand, according to a senior official who watched the exchange. He crossed his arms. His stance became more combative.



Not every leader pushed against Trump, officials said. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe was neutral, as was Italian Acting Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. But having such a forceful advocate for an authoritarian leader inside the room of democracies profoundly shaped the overall tone of the summit, one senior official said.

“The consequence is the same as if one of the participants is a dictator,” the official said. “No community of like-minded leaders who are pulling together.”

Trump is doing the job that Putin placed him in the presidency to do. Donald Trump is advocating against democracy while weakening global democratic alliances. Instead of leading the world, Trump has turned the US into an isolated outsider. The nation that used to be the leader of the free world is watching the world pass them by as an old man who is stuck in yesteryear folds his arms and tries to please his Russian master.

There is no policy reason for Russia to be included in these meetings. The Russians were kicked out of what was then the G8 for annexing Crimea in 2014.

At the G7, Trump sided with Putin against the interests of global democracy. The president was rewarded for his subservience to Putin with the biggest democracies in the world standing together to smack him down.

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