Trump Is Throwing A Toddler Tantrum Over Elizabeth Warren’s Large Crowds

Massachusetts senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has been getting increasingly large crowds in recent weeks, and Donald Trump appears to have noticed.

In a new Twitter post on Tuesday, the president threw a toddler tantrum about the people turning out to Warren’s campaign events, whining that his “far bigger” crowds don’t get the same news coverage.

“They do stories so big on Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren’s crowd sizes, adding many more people than are actually there, and yet my crowds, which are far bigger, get no coverage at all,” Trump said. “Fake News!”

Warren has momentum and Trump is sinking

What’s clear by Elizabeth Warren’s crowd sizes is that her campaign has some momentum, even though former Vice President Joe Biden remains the frontrunner.

As CNN reported, 15,000 people turned out for Warren’s recent campaign rally in Seattle over the weekend. That follows 12,000 supporters showing up for her in Minnesota and 4,000 turning out for a town hall event in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s campaign events have become predictable and boring. He goes to the podium, spends 90 minutes attacking people at random in between a collection of incoherent rambles, then he leaves.

As I wrote earlier this month, in one of his recent rallies in New Hampshire, there were rows of empty seats visible as Trump delivered his remarks – not a good sign for the president in a swing state.

Of course, crowd sizes don’t necessarily translate to raw votes or good poll numbers. Despite one Monmouth survey that showed Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden all deadlocked for first place, the RealClearPolitics average of all polls shows Biden with the clear advantage at this point in the race for the Democratic nomination.

In national general election polling, Trump trails Biden (by a lot), and he would also lose – albeit more narrowly – to both Warren and Sanders.

Still, crowd sizes at campaign rallies is one thing that animates Donald Trump the most, and by that measure, he is clearly concerned about the jolt of momentum that Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign is seeing in recent weeks.

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